——————–⋱ ⋮ ⋰
——————{.\⋰ ⋮ ⋱/.}
__________{.*.\.. _ ../.*.}
________{.*……/. V. \….*.}
________{.*…././).♥(\.\…* .}
________}.*../././……\.\.\. *.}
_________}.*./………..\.*. }
__________}./.*-*-* *-.\.}

There is a unconditional love and support from the Angelic Realm All we need to do is to call upon them The Angels gain happiness from our spiritual progress and they are very excited at the prospect of helping us through that Laughter is the language of the angels Laughter is a conductor of peace and unity.
This is a very powerful prayer that calls upon all the Archangels to help you Saying this prayer twice a day once on waking up and second before going to sleep should be most effective and will protect you during the night and make the days much more Giving you Miracles and Wisdom and Protecting you from Harm.
From my Heart loving you Rab Adamson ~☜♥☞~

In the blessed Hour of Thine, Oh Lord!
I thank thee for this light of mine
Which is one with thine eternal source
Of love, protection and blessings.
Thank you Archangel Ariel, for
The Blessings you bring through me
To any plant or animal I see.
Thank You Archangel Azrael
For guiding the dead and the deceased in body
To the eternal shining light of love.
In my gratuitous ways, I pray to thee
Oh Archangel Chamiel, to give me love boundless,
To help me find anything dear lost and mend my relationships.
I thank you in full faith.
And with Archangel Gabriel’s influence,
I can clearly communicate and I free fear
From it’s grip on me, and in the Angelic light I see,
My glorious Angels always guiding me.
In the glory of God, Archangel Haniel, I praise thee
For the Divine Grace with which you inspire me;
And in all actions and paths I take,
Making me an embodiment of grace.
Thank you Archangel Jeremiel, for your mystical ways
Of inspiring Divine Wisdom to work through me,
For helping me heal myself and forgive all who hurt me.
In the beauty and light of Archangel Jophiel,
I am overjoyed with the positive vibrations so jovial,
In my home, and my workspace and everywhere else I go;
And Thank You for taking pollution away from us,
And miles and miles of health and vitality.
Thank You Archangel Metatron for walking with me
And seeing as far as I can see,
For awakening the spiritual awareness within me
And helping me cope with the World with glee.
I am thankful for Archangel Michael’s Divine Protection
Who protects me, my loved ones and my home
From all things evil, and continuously guides us
On the Beautiful Path of my Life Purpose with Courage and Ease.
Thank You Archangel Raguel for making all things fair,
As I am fair and just to all, the same justice is done unto me.
Thank You for my Harmonized Relationships!
With a million thanks, Oh! Archangel Raphael, I invoke thee!
For helping me heal myself and for others working as a channel
Of Divine Healing in my spiritual path of practice
Thank You for watching over me and my loved ones,
When a journey we make to explore this World.
Thank You Archangel Raziel for channeling through me,
An understanding of spiritual teachings easily;
And assisting me in successful thought manifestation and positive alchemy.
With your music, Oh! Beloved Archangel Sandalphon,
You take away all fear and worries so gracefully!
Thank You for your priceless work, and healing music played through me!
Thank you for your shining light, Archangel Uriel!
Your illuminations liberates me intellectually
Thank you for clear thoughts and prompt actions
When such needs to be done through me.
Thank You Archangel Zadkiel, for keeping me on the path,
And never letting me stray from my Divine Nature!
For Helping me retain good memory and sharp recall
Of all things, including my own Divinity!
Oh Archangels! God Almightly blesses thee for your tireless works
And efforts to keep us true to ourselves and others.
A Million Thanks to the Archangels for always helping,
Protecting, Guiding, Loving and Embracing Me and the entire Human Race.
I am full of love, joy and Divinity.
So be It ! So Be It ! So Be It !

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