Infected Mushroom – Send Me an Angel [HD]

Track 3 Remix of popular israeli song “Shlach Li Malach” (heb. Send Me an Angel) performed by Mashina at 1987. Some answers to questions being asked frequently 1) Infected Mushroom are Israelis ( currently living in U.S) 2) the language in the song is HEBREW, it belongs to Semitic Languages group. and it’s an official […]

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FALLEN ANGELS 墮落天使 (OST) – 04 – God (Speak My Language) (Alternate Version)

FALLEN ANGELS 墮落天使 (Angeles Caidos) Año 1995 Directed by: Wong Kar Wai Original Notion Pictures Soundtrack 01 – First Killing (Karmacoma) 02 – Mission Completed (完成任務) 03 – Bar Scene #1 04 – God (Speak My Language) (Alternate Version) 04 – God (神交) 05 – Second Killing 06 – Ambush (中伏) (A Summer Night) 07 […]

Light Language Song – Message from the Angels

This soft song was channeled during one of the “Light Language Relaxation Evenings” that I host, usually once a week. During these evenings I connect with the Angelic realm and channel Angel messages in Light Language and in Dutch/English. I will make a transcript of the meaning of this message soon and post it here […]