Light Language and Diamond Light Codes Attunement,With the Choir of Angels of Light

Hello Beloveds, I bring forth a very special video. Light Language and Diamond Light Codes Attunement to support you in your soul’s journey. The Language of Light and Diamond Light codes are beyond reproach. As they are pure Source/God love and is not able to be manipulated or used for any other purpose except for […]

Angels will translate Imam Mahdi Arabic words to necessary language , aired without transmitter !

An old sermon of one of top cleric of the Islamic Republic who was the head of the powerful Guardian Council and dead in 2007 . The Ayatollah claim that once the hidden Imam Mahdi appear , he will air his words without transmitter in Arabic ,and that those words , will be translated by […]

Angels singing caught on tape (Updated) Improved sound quality and lyrics to the mystery solo

This is an updated version of the one I already have online – The sound quality is improved and I have overlaid the lyrics to the Angelic solo in the middle of the song as it happens. If it blesses just one person then it’s worth all the effort. 🙂 Thanks for watching / listening. […]