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Text Message Flirting | First Text Message To A Girl
Text Message Flirting | First Text Message To A Girl

This video, Text Message Flirting gives you The Three Guidlines to Text Message Flirting. This is just a condensed version of the main topics in the video.

Watch the video to the end for all the information on Text Message Flirting.

1. Every Message should offer something

Instead of sending text like “what’s up? or “how you doing”
A much more playful and fun message to text a girl would be”You just popped in my head and I just wanted to say Hi”

Every text you send must have value…

2.Keep it Short, Flirty, and Fun

Texting girls is not the time to tell her your life story, instead give her a sneak peak what your like as a guy.

And Flirt A Lot…

3.Use Push/Pull

You must use build intrigue and mystery when messaging women. It creates the roller coaster effect in your text.
You want to be spontaneous, vague, and always unpredictable.

There is also a good section on What should You Text Women…

Audio Courtesy of BenSound-Love.mp3

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