Dirty Words to Make Him Yours – The Language of Desire

Dirty Words to Make Him Yours – The Language of Desire
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As a woman… what do you need to do to make your man only want you?
You need to understand how your man thinks and acts sexually. You need to know how to hold his interest and create desire in him for you… and only you.

Felicity Keith, once caught her husband watching porn and it was a huge emotional blow to her. She spent much time depressed and trying to revive the passion in her relationship. Through trial and error, she discovered what makes a man tick sexually. She applied her knowledge in her relationship and it worked wonders.

She then went on to create the Language of Desire guide (LOD) to help other women who might be in a similar position. This guide has gone on to become an online bestseller that has sold thousands of copies and helped many women around the world.

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