Elfaria Part 83

Upon first arriving at Zaza Temple, the guy in the house warns us that with the solar eclipse it’ll be very dangerous ahead. And then up ahead we are greeted by a very dangerous cutscene:
???: Ho ho ho… I see you made it in time. However you should hurry! If you don’t hurry then the eclipse will start! Do your best! Ho ho ho…
When we make it up top, we get another cutscene between Zora and Cyril:
Cyril: Hu hu hu… The solar eclipse has started! Zora, the Staff of Ra!
Zora: Yes!
Cyril: You’re a long way off from this kind of power! With the physical strength you have this is impossible for you!
Zora: Ye… That is….
Cyril: Do you want to die?
Zora: N….No…
Cyril: Elzard! Give me your power!! ………………………. Huh??….. Zora, nothing’s happened!!
Zora: That can’t be!
Cyril: This is a sham! Zora! After all this, I wasn’t expecting you to trick me!
Zora: D-don’t be absurd!
Cyril: You idiot! Quickly, find the staff and bring it here!! Unless you want to die?!
Zora: Y-yes!

When you talk to Cyril, here’s what he says, “Even if I couldn’t borrow Elzard’s power, I am still the one who will kill you!”

After defeating Cyril, we get another cutscene (and a heavy axe ヘビーアックス):
Cyril: Da….dammit! Zora!! This is all because of your blundering!
Pyne: It’s over… We defeated Cyril!
Aldis: We did it!
Caramon: We didn’t die! Thank goodness!
Sheena: But.. with this, great changes will come to history. Things may not be the same.
Pyne: That’s probably true…
Caramon: If that’s the case, we should build our graves! That way our future selves will understand the importance of this date!
Aldis: Yeah! Let’s do so! (after building the graves) It’s a weird feeling erecting your own grave.
Caramon: It was a little funny, wasn’t it!
Sheena: All that’s left is to do as that old man said; we should head to the room in the back.
Aldis: That’s Pyne’s job! If you would!
Pyne: Yeah, I gotcha. If we don’t hurry, the eclipse will be over. Let’s hurry!
???: Ho ho ho… They’re so simple-minded.
Oh, thou who possesses the blood of the Elfarian nobility. It would be my honor if thou entered…
???: Ho ho ho… It would seem they’ve all returned to their original time… And they forgot to seal this room. Hee hee hee! It’s just as I thought it would be. Zora! Stop hiding and come in! Show yourself Zora! You blockhead Zora! You coward Zora!!
Zora: W-who are you!
???: That was a close one. If Cyril had completed the ceremony you would have lost all that power. For this old man!
Zora: G-g-gah! Astonishing!!
Future Zora: Elle used me. And it was a crude attempt… But she left two things unattended. The first of which would be that I figured out how to obtain the physical strength needed to get Elzard’s power!!
Zora: R…really!? How!!
Future Zora: It’s this room! Elzard’s power is rising… I will utilize this power.
Zora: A….and then?
Future Zora: And then? Hu hu, I will cross through time and-
Zora: Travel through time?
Future Zora: Hu hu hu. And then overlap our presences!!
Zora: Wh…wh…what! Aaaaaah!!!
Combined Zora: Hu hu hu…. ha ha ha ha…. With this I now have both the intelligence and strength. I meet both the requirements to get Elzard’s powers! And now there is one more thing, I know why Elle is trying to save that Glyph, Papi. And that is something I’ll have to enjoy later! But first of all, I must use the staff of Ra while the solar eclipse is still happening! Even though that incompetent Cyril couldn’t get Elzard’s power, the Almighty Zora will!! ….
Dalcan: Cyril! What’s happened to Cyril?!

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