EPIC Amazing Spider-man Rap!

This is an epic rap I created in tribute to the Marvel web slinger. The Amazing Spider Man. The lyrics are an amalgam of concepts discretely borrowed from various Spider-Man storylines including original Spider-man, Unlimited, 2099, the Scarlet Spider and the Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time video games. The lyrics deal with themes including genetics, robotics, cybernetics, time travel, chimera, bioengineering (the Lizard), virtual reality and transhumanism. Music is “All Caps” from the Madvillainy album. Ultimate Spiderman is dead as he was killed recently in the Marvel continuity.



Ectopic Net Prohet. My spinnerets form a web of floss I spread across the internet. All the Cyber Slayers that wear the glyphs; bear witness to the birth of the carapace.

It all starts when the Impact Webbing hits the target and causes the syntax spreading. When the inner thresholds collide even the skeptical minds will be susceptible to the inseparable bond. A complimentary gift to cause a sensory rift. Architecture starts to mend. Your thoughts eventually shift. The tingling is natural. Do not attempt to resist. Embrionic Symbiotics, flaws essentially fixed. I altered your genetic code when I injected you with nanotechnology projected through the dialectical tentacles you’re connected to. Activating the mental geometrical reticle of a Prime Sentinel. It’s useless to fight against me or try to get free. You’re trapped in the iron web that my intellect weaves. The effects are cybernetic and mutagenic. Might as well embrace the change and push it to the limit. Alphabet salves from Alchemax Labs. Rapper slash Rapture manufacturer. My lines grab hold of youn and take control of you like a Motorola Xoom tablet.


Time traveler. Rhyme babbler. Crime battler. Flows batter foes in iambic pentameter. But I pull punch lines and never hit below the belt cuz my mission isn’t to leave listeners overwhelmed. My energy field works with the same technology developed for the helmets of the Beastials. My ghost haunts the villainy. I was taught to believe, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Angelo Worthy. The Master Programmer. All praises due to the Great Weaver. Excelsior!

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