How To Talk To Spirits, Ghosts, Entities, Angels And Demons:learn the Language of | Ebook

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Practical and simplified techniques to create a mediumship séance and communicate with the dead, spirits, angels, demons, departed pets, and entities from the after-life.this book will change your life and your understanding of the afterlife, for ever. It is your link to the other world, the realm of the spirits, angels, ghosts, and demons. It provides the necessary guidance and techniques to communicate with various categories of entities. It instructs the seeker how to comply with rules and pre-requisites to follow during a séance. The author has placed a strong emphasis on: The language of the spirits & ghosts, The most powerful commands we can use during a séance, and how to order the summoned entities to grant us most needed favors and assistance in urgent matters, as well as general commands pertaining to health conditions, the removal of difficulties in getting a job, the protection of our home from evil spirits, obtaining an immediate financial relief, so on.this book provides both the experienced and the beginner with the necessary guidance, ways and techniques to communicate with various kinds and categories of entities. The author has placed a strong emphasis on: The language of the spirits, ghosts, entities and Arwaah. What should we do when we hear the voices of entities during a séance? The reader should pay attention to the instructions pertaining to a direct conversation with summoned entities, and especially to the protocol in communicating with spirits. This is the first book ever published in the West that deals with these topics. The contents and ideas presented in this tome are based upon the teachings and lectures of enlightened masters, who have practiced this etheric art for centuries. Therefore, you should open your mind, and read this book with extreme attention to the instructions provided by the Ulema. Contacting spirits and entities is a serious responsibility

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