Light Language and Diamond Light Codes Attunement,With the Choir of Angels of Light

Hello Beloveds,
I bring forth a very special video. Light Language and Diamond Light Codes Attunement to support you in your soul’s journey. The Language of Light and Diamond Light codes are beyond reproach. As they are pure Source/God love and is not able to be manipulated or used for any other purpose except for That which is for my highest good, your highest good and the highest good of all. When I sing you will hear many voices, for I bring forth the Angelic and Archangelic Choir of Light. I am also called to bring out my crystal heart during the transmission which I was guided to wear today. When I hold it up, you are able to program your clear quartz crystal by holding it up to the video at the same time, for extra sacred codes to support you, as this crystal has been programmed with the knowledge of the crystal skulls and the Crystal Skull “Synergy” essence.
There is so much Love, Support, Guidance And protection for you at this time and always, from the Angels and Higher Dimensions. You are loved.
Blessings 💗

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